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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for trusting in us during these unprecedented times. 

The Covid-19 pandemic created a surge in demand for personal protective equipment which put a global strain on supply. Many individuals and organizations took advantage of this burgeoning global market and flooded the marketplace with counterfeit products and falsified documents to profit at the expense of the public. They have even gone to the extent of impersonating distribution agents and authorized companies.

Unfortunately, many buyers – even Governments have been defrauded with counterfeit products and other scams. The Mooni Group set up meticulous procedures to ensure that the documentation we receive from our factories is authentic.

To avoid becoming a victim, we recommend a thorough examination of all documentation provided by a potential supplier. Furthermore, make sure that all payments are completed through an Escrow account. We’re happy to consult with you on this course of action and share how we can ensure the integrity of the products we provide. 

Please get in touch with us below to learn more.


Staffan Bern
CEO, Mooni Group
Scheelegatan 11, 0tr
112 28 Stockholm