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About Mooni Group

Mooni group was founded in 2004 in Sweden. We have maintained strong partnerships with manufacturers in China for more than 16 years.

We specialize in product development, sourcing, and manufacturing. Our continued presence in the far-east has helped us establish strong relationships and expertise in product sourcing. Our customers can trust us to deliver high-quality products at a great value. Over the years, we have developed products for many customers in various industries. Now, we work exclusively with Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Consumer Electronics, and OEM production.

Healthcare PPE
The world as we know it changed In 2020 with Covid-19. The demand for medical supplies and PPE created a global shortage and a desperate need for more products. New players flooded the market to take advantage of the crisis by selling unpredictable products. Our customers trusted that we could take on this challenge and came to us to help them source reliable medical equipment.

In the past year, we fostered a strong supplier network with some of the largest specialized factories in China. We have direct access to superior-quality products with guaranteed, secure deliveries from our factories and European warehouses.

Consumer electronics
For several years, we led manufacturing and product development for a renowned, European speaker brand. At the same time, we also designed and developed LED garden lighting products for another popular company.

This experience gave us the inspiration to launch our own unique product line that combined both lighting and sound. The concept for Mooni® was to create products that can transform an ordinary space into an experience with a focus on Scandinavian design.

OEM production
Our company was founded on an endeavor to bring good ideas to life. We help customers through all stages of product development: design sketches, mechanical calculations, 3D drawings, prototyping, testing, certifications, manufacturing, and logistics planning. We take pride in providing support to our clients throughout the whole journey from concept to delivery.